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Services That Eye Care Clinics Can Offer You

Urgent Eye Care Clinic is a world-class facility that treats over 5000 patients on an annual basis. The Urgent Eye Care Clinic at the Illinois Eye Institute offers specialized treatment for eye emergencies across the country. It offers a comprehensive range of vision care services to patients with various eye problems. The center's professional staffs are committed to providing world-class, state-of-the-art vision care services to patients. Get more details about these services in this article.

o Urgent - This service is very essential when it comes to eye care and is one of the basic services offered by eye care clinics. During this time, a wide array of eye care treatments are offered such as the basic eye exam, laser vision correction and treatment for strabismus, crossed eyes, myopia or hypermetropia. During the consultation, the physician can conduct various tests such as the refraction, pupil diameter, color vision, dry eye treatment and the computerized tomography (CT) scan. Upon completion of all tests, your eye doctor will come up with an initial recommendation and you can either opt for glasses or contact lenses. Your choice is completely informed by the results of tests that were conducted earlier.

o Presbyopia Treatment - Eye doctors also diagnose people suffering from presbyopia. The vision condition is defined as the aging process that affects the ability of the eyes to focus light properly. As we age, the muscles that control eye movement become weaker causing the eyes to contract or relax in an abnormal way. Some people experience an accommodation disorder while others have the opposite problem. Presbyopia can cause blurry vision, strabismus, wandering eyes and eye fatigue. Some centers offer vision rehabilitation or therapy, which usually helps people regain their previous good eye health. 

o Optometric Consultancy - An expert eye care provider conducts diagnostic tests and offers comprehensive eye care services. These service providers are also trained to evaluate various eyeglass frames and contact lenses, as well as other visual devices such as laser eye surgery. Your eye care professional can help you make effective and practical choices regarding the eyeglasses and contact lens you should wear. This is also where the optometrist plays an important role. He or she can help you find the best eyeglasses or contact lenses to enhance your vision and prevent eye diseases. Other eye services provided by such clinics include annual cleaning, testing for eye diseases, immunization of individuals, examination of eye color, retinal detachment diagnosis, cataract surgery, etc. Click here to get in touch with the best eye care specialist.

o Computerized Tomography Scanning - A specialist at an eye care clinic can also conduct computerized tomography scan of your eye. This is done to detect eye diseases and abnormalities. Eye doctors use this to diagnose various eye conditions and correct them accordingly. A computerized tomography scan not only identifies problems in your eye; it can also show you images of how your eyesight has developed over time. For example, if you have experienced any changes in your vision, you may need to have eye surgeries. Computerized tomography scan can save you money due to reduced costs of eye surgery and other corrective procedures.

o Computerized Eye Surface Scans - This is another service provided by eye care clinics. This service helps you get an image of your eye's surface from a digital camera. Eye specialists can use this to diagnose various eye conditions and treat them appropriately. Some eye specialists use optical imaging system in order to obtain a three-dimensional image of your eye structure. Digital computed radiography (CPR) and laser eye surgery can be performed using the same computer. Find out more details in relation to this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optometry.

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